April Danann



Love Endures All Things


I am sure we are all enjoying this sunshine….right now it just seems endless. I had forgotten what it was like to wake up in the morning to sun, blue sky and dry air. It’s so nice to have it back, even for a little while.

We deserve this weather (and many more weeks of it!) after all these years of rain, storms, wind (and more rain). I remember a couple of years ago, the entire month of July it rained – 31 consecutive days.


It was torture. It was cold. We have missed the sun and the light. 

Of course, by no means are those rainy days behind us, completely. But, something is. Whatever it was that had cast it’s dark spell over Ireland, has shifted – we endured and now have broken through into the light again.

I am reminded here of my favourite saying in the entire world – and perhaps my favourite word too….

‘Love endures all things’

I even have a stamp with these words written on it and have them placed in strategic locations around my work space to remind me of the force love is. It also reminds me of the key word here in this phrase.

And it’s not love! It’s ‘endure’ – which means to be patient, to tolerate and to carry on without yielding. But, the most important thing here is the root or origin of this word…endure means to make solid. 

To me, this has always meant that only love can bring our dreams into this reality…a wish becomes a dream, this then becomes a plan – it takes love (and patience without yielding) for that wish (dream, plan) to solidify or become real in this dimension. 

To endure – looked at in this way, to me, has always meant to create. It actually requires love (do what you love) to really create something worthwhile on a solid foundation.

Love is a force all on it’s own. 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet.